Mid Level Growth Marketer / Digital Marketer

Athens, Attica, Greece


What We're Looking For

Hey there! We're looking for an aspiring growth hacker, to help us achieve rapid and sustainable growth for GrowthRocks and our international clients through data-fuelled marketing.

Depending on what you love to do and your skills, you might be:

At GrowthRocks, we work in small groups and each one is responsible for the success of our company and clients. We consider everything to be an experiment, of our management structure to our growth hacking marketing tactics, always keeping in mind our culture and values. We truly believe that without continual growth and progress, such words as achievement and success have no meaning.

You will work in our offices in Athens, but you'll be able to work remotely or from your home whenever fits best for both yourself and our team. We also strive for that great balance of being a team that feels like a family. That means we share feedback regularly, support each other's self-improvement efforts, and take mistakes as opportunities to learn together.


You have a deep understanding about growth hacking. You need to know how to identify the key metrics as well as the pain points and opportunities each company has, so you can drive more traction and growth for them. This means deep knowledge of digital marketing, AARRR metrics and funnels. Furthermore, you must have experience in at least 2 of the bellow:

It is mandatory to have two things:

What We Value

We're looking for people who love using "we" instead of "I" and are strong team players. At GrowthRocks, we admire Buffer's cultural values and always trying to make our company a happy place to work and improve ourselves. Ownership, transparency, open-mindedness and positivity are some of the core values that matter to us.


We hope that you're excited by all the possibilities that come with working at GrowthRocks! In addition to our unique structure that lets you own your work and choose where to focus, we also offer these fun perks and benefits:

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